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    Promotional and marketing presentations are priced according to their length and complexity and the resources required to complete them.

    We either quote you a fixed price for a pre-defined job (this appraoch is generally prefered by both our clients and ourselves) or we charge an hourly rate on jobs that are more open-ended in nature.

    Our goal is to give you the greatest possible value for money and a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.


    We don't charge for consultations or video sessions for personal video biographies and you're under no obligation to make a purchase. We make the process easy by applying a casual, converstaional style to your interview. Only after you view your tapes do you decide how to proceed. You can purchase a DVD of the interview session, opt for an enhanced edited presentation or simply say "No thank you."

    Prices vary depending on your choice. For example, the charge for a standard personal video biography session is $450. This includes a consultation, a personalized outline of the topics that your conversation will include, a two hour recording session with no charge for travel or set up, and a DVD containing a clean edited version of the conversation.


    We understand that each client has unique needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you in order to arrive at the best and most cost-effective solution.

    Contact Us at: 518 265 7857 or:

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